Sustainable Technologies & Environment Protection Society

STEPS Objective

STEPS Objective

Major Objectives:

  • Tree plantation, Development & Maintenance in Govt. Land, Private Land, our own Land, for the development of Environment under the “parisara Snehi” schemes.
  • To take programs on Rain Water Harvesting systems and Ground Water preserving.
  • Proper infrastructure development for local Eco-Balance.
  • Creation environmental awareness through seminars and workshops, camps, meeting and distribution of pamphlets in Karnataka as well as India.
  • Encouraging the people to use smokeless chukkas & Bio-Gas and motivate the people to utilize solar energy
  • To develop indwelling Water and watershed development programs.
  • To improve the Slum areas on Health Education, Environment, Livelihood and leadership, by conduction of Awareness and development activities.
  • To promote the spiritual, Educational, social, economical and cultural activities for the use of public of India.
  • Creating computers Awareness in Rural area.
  • Promotion of Organic Farming for sustainable Agriculture.
  • To develop and promote appropriate sustainable institutions for development & maintenance of rural common property resources including village tanks.
  • To provide livelihood development programs for Tribals, Minorities and other Vulnerable families

Organization’s primary area of focus – How steps works?

STEPS primarily focus on Socio economic up-liftmen of the Poorer in the community, Education, Health and environment. We have also started intervening in the panchayats, as all the developmental plans are now being initiated and implemented by the Gram Panchayats. After analyzing the problems of the different ago climatic condition and in consultation with the members of various villages level institutions and community based organizations, Identifies following areas of interventions:

  • Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Environment and Natural Resource Management
  • Rural Drinking water supply & Environmental Sanitation
  • Health & Education
  • Livelihood development
  • Poverty Reduction
  • Creating awareness & capacity building
  • Agriculture Extension
  • Income generation activities
  • Women Empowerment
  • Minority Welfare Schemes
  • Watershed Development and Management
  • Renewable Energy Technology Development
  • Small Scale Irrigation Management
  • Technology for Women and Micro-enterprise Development

Target Group addressed

Women and children, poor and backward community especially poorer have been addressed so far from our project. Scheduled castes, ST, OBC, Poor, Women, Children, Landless, Minorities, abused women and Very Poor Community especially below Poverty Line have been our Primary Target group. Small and marginal farmers and socio economically very backward groups have been the target group in our entire previous project. We have also focused on the destitute children and initiated project for their rehabilitation.

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