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How We Do

How We Do ?

Systems in place for technical and financial management.

a) Technical Management Systems

At the organizational level necessary management of information systems have been developed keeping in view the programmes and organizational structure of the organization. Proper reporting system has also been developed for timely reporting.

Regular meeting like monthly meeting with the entire staff is conducted every month. All programmatic decisions are taken in the monthly meeting. Here the staff presents their accomplishments/achievement and key learning of the month and present the future plan of the work. These meeting are conducted in very participatory manner in which all have the openness to express their feelings. All idea generations are encouraged and worked out for future development.

There are rules and regulations for leave and work. There are holidays according to the general local situation for all staff members. The internal management system is being strengthened according to the need.

Collective sharing of learning and experiences are shared formally and informally. Collective decision-making is done in all organisational matters.

Reporting relationships is also maintained both upwards and downwards with regular flow of information. The board also reviews the work of the organisation and gives regular feedback.

b) Financial Systems

STEPS also developed a sound financial system and maintain transparencies from the very beginning. Different Project Books of Accounts are maintained it audited internally by and internal Auditor. Monthly expenditure budgets are prepared by each project coordinator and submitted to the finance section for approval. Monthly financial statement is prepared to monitor the financial status.

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